Other Security-Relevant Information

Disabling Java Script

The BCB administration home pages uses JavaScript to check the values entered when customizing the BCB, i.e. when entering the contact center URL. If JavaScript is disabled and the system administrator enters a wrong contact center URL, e.g. URL without port, the system administrator won't get a warning pop-up saying that the settings can not be saved.

Starting and stopping the BCB Web application:

If you do not use the BCB application live, but nevertheless fear a security gap, you can simply stop the BCB. To do this, call the Deploy Service in the Visual Administrator of the SAP J2EE Engine and stop the application "bcbici" (Release 6.20) resp. tc/bcb/ici" (Release >= 6.30). This causes the two "bcbadm" (BCB Administration) and "ccsui" (SAP Contact Center Simulator) Web applications to deactivate.