Users and Groups

The tables below show the users and groups that are required when running a SAP system on Windows when your database is Informix:

Standard Users under Windows




SAP system administrator


Informix database administrator

Connect user sapr3

User for SAP system database objects

Informix Standard Groups under Windows




Domain-level SAP system administration group


Local groups on an application server


Database administrators group


Database users group



Database Auditors group

Database Security Operators group

The SAP system users and groups are explained in more detail below.

User: SAP System Administrator (<sapsid>adm)

This user administers the SAP system.

Group: SAP_<SAPSID>_GlobalAdmin

This global group is a domain-level SAP system administration group for organizing the administrators for your SAP systems. The sole function of a global group is to gather users together at domain level so that they can be placed in the appropriate local groups. The members of this group are the domain users <sapsid>adm and sapse<sid>.

The group SAP_<SAPSID>_GlobalAdmin is used only when the SAP system belongs to a Windows domain. You do not need the group SAP_<SAPSID>_GlobalAdmin if you are installing locally.

Group: SAP_<SAPSID>_LocalAdmin

Only local groups are created and maintained on an application server. A local group can only be given permissions and rights to the system where it is located. If the system is part of the domain, the local group can contain users and global groups from the domain.