Trace Files and Log Files

When you use ICF for communications, security-relevant data can be recorded in trace files. You must handle access to these trace files as restrictively as possible.

In transaction SICF (Edit ® Traces), you can activate, deactivate, and display traces for individual services.

The following trace files can contain security-relevant data:


Work Process Traces

?     dev_w<n>

ICM Trace

?     dev_icm<n>

Message Server Trace

?     dev_ms

Web Dispatcher Trace

?     dev_wdisp

Further Information

As an administrator, you can block other users’ access to ICF traces:

Locking/Unlocking Access to ICF Trace Functions

For more information about using ICF traces, see the ICF documentation under the following:

Debugging and Traces

For a general overview of the SAP NW AS trace files, see:

Developer Traces