Trace and Log Files

With a standard configuration, TREX writes all error messages that arise during routine operation to trace and alert files. The TREX daemon, the individual TREX servers, and other TREX components all write their own trace files.

These trace files contain error messages that the index server, name server, preprocessor, queue server, and Web server return during routine operation. With the standard configuration, the trace files only contain error messages.

If you set a higher trace level, the entire content of the documents being processed can be written to the trace files. The SAP Logon ticket ticket might also appear in a trace file when tracing the TREX preprocessor.

However, these trace files are protected for the following reasons:

·        Only administrators have permission to access the TREX trace directories.

·        The trace level must be set in the corresponding TREX configuration file.

You protect the TREX configuration files by configuring the security of your file system. All users that have write permission for your system can change the configuration files. Currently, there is no security audit log that logs when and by whom the configuration was changed.