Minimal Installation

Minimal Installation and Required Components

A minimal TREX system consists of one TREX instance (one installation of the server software). You can use a minimal TREX system as a demo, test, and productive system.

The TREX servers (queue server, index server, preprocessor, and name server) can be used by one or more applications. When you are installing TREX, you need to know the type of application and communication protocol. There are the following possibilities:

·        The TREX servers are only used by Java applications. In this case, only execute the installation steps necessary for an HTTP connection.

·        The TREX servers are only used by ABAP applications. In this case, only execute the installation steps necessary for an RFC connection.

·        The TREX servers are used by Java and ABAP applications. In this case, execute the installation steps necessary for an HTTP and RFC connection.

The documents to be indexed are sent by an ABAP application to TREX. The search takes place using a Web application (Java application). In this scenario, both an RFC and an HTTP connection are needed.

For more information about the minimal TREX installation, see the TREX installation guide at the Internet address

TREX Test Package

New TREX releases are always tested internally using a predefined test package with a standard test landscape and with verifiable test data. In particular, the handling of mass data (mass tests), load restrictions (stress tests), and the performance of TREX are checked. The test package calls test atoms in the form of Python scripts that test the basic TREX functions and are stored in the directory <TREX_DIR>\python_support.

When you have installed TREX, you execute the Python script that is used to test the basic TREX functions. This script calls a subset of TREX test atoms to check the functional correctness of TREX. If the Python script is executed successfully, you know that TREX has been installed properly, the configuration files contain the necessary entries, and the TREX servers are running.

TREX Administration Tools

For system administration, TREX provides various TREX admin tools that you can find in the TREX installation directory (<TREX_DIR>) and in the directory for Python support (<TREX_DIR>\python_support). You can delete these test and administration tools without restricting the TREX functions, but for supportability reasons we do not recommend that you do so.

SAPinst Tool

The SAPinst tool can also be deleted after the installation. However, this deletes important information on the installation that could be needed if a terminated TREX installation needs to be continued.