Technical System Landscape

The graphic below displays the individual TREX components and the way that they communicate with each other.

TREX comprises the following components:

·        Java client and ABAP client

·        Web server with TREX extension

·        Queue server

·        Preprocessor

·        Index server with the TREX engines

·        Name server

The Search Engine Service (SES) is not a TREX component, it is part of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server instead. SES allows users to search for business objects. SES accesses the TREX functions through the TREX ABAP client.

TREX is based on a client/server architecture. The client software is integrated into the application that uses the TREX functions, and allows access to the TREX servers. The TREX servers execute requests from the clients: They index and classify documents and answer search queries.

TREX offers an ABAP and a Java client. This allows ABAP and Java applications to use TREX functions. ABAP and Java applications communicate with the TREX servers using different protocols and components.

·        ABAP applications communicate with TREX servers using the RFC protocol. Communication takes place using an instance of the SAP Gateway and an RFC server.

·        Java applications communicate with TREX using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. This communication takes place using a Web server that is enhanced with TREX-specific functions.

RFC and Web servers have similar functions: They receive the requests of the application, convert them to a TREX-internal format, and send them on to the responsible TREX server.

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