Performing Table Analysis


Individual Table Analyses


       1.      Using transaction TAANA you can access the screen Table Analysis: Administration.

       2.      Choose Table Analysis ® Perform check. The system displays a dialog box.

       3.      Enter the name of the table. Depending on this table, the system offers the analysis variants available for selection in the input help for the Analysis variant field.

       4.      Select at least one analysis variant, or else create one.

The system offers analysis variant DEFAULT for every table.

If you do not have an adequate analysis variant there are the following options for creating analysis variants:

Ў        To create an analysis variant for the current table analysis only, you can create an ad hoc variant using Ad hoc variant. This variant is not saved on the database, and as a result is only available for the table analysis that you are currently scheduling. For more information, see Creating an Ad hoc Analysis Variant.

Ў        You can use transaction TAANA_AV to create an analysis variant. This is saved on the database and can be used repeatedly. For more information, see Creating an Analysis Variant.

       5.      Select the type of process control you want to use, and choose Continue.

If you wish to improve performance you are advised to analyze large tables in the background rather than online.

       6.      If you choose background processing, specify a start time, and save your entries. If you choose online processing the analysis is started immediately. 

The table and analysis variant you selected for analysis are displayed in the left screen area.

While the table analysis is running, you can request the current data by choosing Refresh.

       7.      To display the table analysis, choose the analysis in the left screen area by double-clicking on it.

The table analyses in the left screen area are sorted according to table name, name of the analysis variant, and time when executed.

Analyzing Several Tables in One Step

If you want to analyze several tables in one step, proceed as follows:

       1.      Start the program TAAN_PROCESS_MULTIPLE using transaction SA38. A selection screen appears.

To achieve a better performance, we recommend that you analyze large tables in the background and not online (transaction SA38, Program  ® Execute in the Background).

       2.      Enter the table you want to analyze.

       3.      Enter the corresponding analysis variant and execute the program.

The results of the analysis can be displayed via transaction TAANA. See above.


The various field values with the number of related table entries in the evaluation are displayed in accordance with the analysis variant you selected. The list is sorted according to the number of table entries in descending order.