Virtual Fields


Virtual fields enable you to do the following analyses within table analysis:

·        Analyze one part of a table field

The table contains a date field, and you would like to examine the distribution of the data across the year.

·        Analysis with a field that is not contained in the table to be analyzed, but whose value can be determined from either the available table fields or if necessary from other tables.

The table does not contain a field naming the archiving object that can be used for archiving a data record.

Within table analysis you can create as many virtual fields as you require for each table. Such fields are treated in the same way as all other table fields. Virtual fields are not shown with separate IDs in transactions TAANA and TAANA_AV.

All of the virtual fields you have already created for the relevant table are available for analysis variants or ad hoc variants.

For more information, see Analysis Variant and Performing Table Analysis.



·        Creating a Virtual Field

For more information, see Creating Virtual Fields.

·        Displaying a virtual field
All virtual fields you have created are listed in the left screen area, sorted according to table name. To display a field in the right screen area, double-click on it.

·        Deleting a virtual field
Proceed as detailed under “Displaying a virtual field” and choose Edit
® Delete.