Marketplace Adapter

The Marketplace Adapter translates between XI messages and HTTP requests that contain MML messages from marketplaces. The HTTP connections between the Adapter Engine and the marketplace should be secured by SSL. On the inbound side, HTTPS with client certificate authentication is mandatory.

The following table summarizes the security-relevant aspects of the Marketplace adapter:


Marketplace Adapter

Underlying protocol


Connection must be secured by SSL with client certificate on the inbound side. Connection should be secured by SSL on the outbound side as well.

Inbound configuration

Configuration in sender channel of type Marketplace in the Integration Directory.

Messaging user is always authenticated by SSL client certificate.

Messaging user must have role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER on Integration Server.

Outbound configuration

Connection and user must be defined by a receiver channel of type Marketplace in the Integration Directory.

User authentication and anonymous logon to receiver system are possible. If authenticated, user must have appropriate authorizations in the receiver system.

For a detailed description of how to configure SSL for the Adapter Engine, see HTTP and SSL.