This interface has to be implemented by the <area_constructor> class, which should implement the optional area constructor of an area.

Static Methods


Interface method for implementing the area constructor of an area.

Input Parameter

·        INST_NAME of type SHM_INST_NAME

Name of the area instance version. The name specification is optional. The default value is the value of constant CL_SHM_AREA=>DEFAULT_INSTANCE.

·        INVOCATION_MODE of type i

This parameter can be used to determine the type of call in the area constructor. The default value CL_SHM_AREA=>INVOCATION_MODE_EXPLICIT is used for the explicit call. CL_SHM_AREA=>INVOCATION_MODE_AUTO_BUILD is passed with the automatic call.



An error occurred when the area constructor was executed.

The BUILD method does not have an input parameter for the client identifier. The area is built in the current client when the method is called.