Maintain Runtime Properties

You can maintain the runtime-dependent area properties on the initial screen of Transaction SHMA for the specified area, using the Runtime menu. No developer key is required to do this.

The runtime-dependent properties are stored in a Customizing table in the database. This means that these entries follow the transport system, so you have to specify a corresponding transport request if you make any changes.

The runtime-dependent properties can have the following statuses:

·        Not maintained

The Customizing table does not yet contain any entries. The default values are used when the area is used.

·        Not yet saved

New values were entered during maintenance, although these have not yet been saved in the Customizing table.

·        Saved

There are entries in the Customizing table.

·        For deletion

The entries will be deleted from the Customizing table when you save.

With client-dependent areas, these statuses apply to each individual client.

The functions that are possible are:

Display Runtime Properties

Change Runtime Properties

Delete Runtime Properties