Attribute Display


In the attribute display, you can display details of a process step, and in some cases you can jump directly to further analysis tools.


You can reach the attribute display from the Instance View. The colored indicator and the status symbols in the instance view allow you to immediately identify the status of the process steps of the instance. You can view the attribute display by selecting a process step that has errors, for example.


The attribute display gives you detailed information about the selected step, which is useful to you when analyzing the process or process step, such as time, IDoc number, IDoc status, transaction, and transaction ID. You may also be able to jump directly to further analysis tools. Even if you are not able to jump to other analysis tools, you can use the given details to obtain more information in other tools.

You may want to view additional information about a process step, such as memory consumption. You can find this information in the functional trace (transaction STATTRACE), which saved the statistics record for a process step. The statistics record contains detailed information about the response time, database time, memory consumption, amount of data transferred and so on. You can use the transaction ID in the attribute display to find the corresponding statistics record in the functional trace.

 Process Monitoring Display and Administration