Tab Page 'Error Messages'


In both the process overview and the instance view, you will find the link Settings. Selecting this link displays the tab pages General, Details and Error Messages, which contain detailed information and administrative settings.

The tab page Error Messages displays detailed information about serious internal errors of Process Monitoring. These error messages come from the self-monitoring of the Process Monitoring in the CCMS.


To be able to confirm messages, you must have an adjusted copy of the role SAP_BC_BASIS_ADMIN assigned to you. For more information, see the section Authorizations for Process Monitoring.



·        For each error message the date, time, attribute name and message text is displayed.

The time displayed here is configured to the system time zone of the central monitoring system, since the CCMS Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20) and the application log also use the system time.

·        If a message was output more than once, only the most recent message is displayed for reasons of clarity.

·        If messages are no longer relevant to you, you can confirm them immediately. Doing this deletes the errors from the display and confirms the corresponding alerts in the CCMS. You can confirm individual alerts by choosing the trash icon in the alert rows. Choosing Confirm Messagesconfirms all alerts.

·        If you want to know more about what caused a message, you can choose the log icon to jump directly to the application log, without having to call the corresponding transaction. The log entries that are relevant for the message are displayed.

Only messages for serious errors are displayed on the tab page Error Messages. If you want to view other messages as well, you can open the application log by choosing the pushbutton Logs, and have it display all log entries. For more information about logging, see the section Process Monitoring Logging.

·        You can display the message long text by choosing the icon in the column Long Text.

·        The symbols in theCurrent Status column show you whether a message is still open () or whether it has been completed and can therefore be confirmed ().