Instance View


While the process overview displays the flow of the entire process, such as seat reservations, the instance view contains the process steps of a process instance. The process instance is a run through of the process, such as seat reservation for flight 7171. There are two ways in which you can reach the instance view:

·        In the process overview, if you select a process instance from the instance list, the corresponding instance view is displayed.

·        If you switch to the instance view by choosing the selection button Instance View, the instance that was last selected is displayed.


The instance view is made up of two windows:

·        The right-hand window contains a graphical display of the instance flow, together with data for the individual process steps, such as:

Ў        Date and time

Ў        System in which the step was executed

Ў        User who executed the step

Ў        ID of the processed object (for example, message ID or order number)

The color indicator given to incorrect steps (red square) enables you to quickly identify the status of process steps. Selecting these status icons for error-free () and incorrect () allows you to view further details about the process step in the Attribute Display. The attribute display may also give you the chance to jump directly to other analysis tools, or it may include details which you can use to obtain more information in other tools. For example, using the transaction ID in the attribute display allows you to find the corresponding statistics record in the functional trace.

·        The left-hand window is structured like in the process overview.


For more information about using the instance view, see the section Examples for Using Process Monitoring.

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