NWDI Communication Security

The communication between all components of the NWDI – except the SDM – uses HTTP. For more information, see Security of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure.

If you are developing sensitive software, use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to secure the communication routes between the server components of the development infrastructure and SAP NetWeaver Development Studio. Activate SSL for HTTP communications in the Developer Studio and also on the SAP J2EE Engines on which the components of the NWDI run. Specify URL for HTTPS for the following connections:

·        URL of the CMS Server and the SLD Server in the CMS domain definition

·        URL of the DTR Server and the CBS Server in the CMS track definition

·        URL of the Name Server in the DTR configuration

·        URL of the SLD Server in the Developer Studio

As an alternative to SSL, you can set up Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for the communication routes. These also help to secure communications.

If you download local copies of the objects to your workstation to process the resources, then these objects are no longer protected by the security features of the DTR. If you download objects, back up your local work directory at the operating system level.

Network Topology

The network topology for the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) is based on that of the SAP NetWeaver. Therefore, the security guidelines and recommendations in the SAP NetWeaver Security Guide apply for the NWDI as well.

SAP recommends to operate the NWDI in the high-security area of your network zone, because confidential data is handled. For more information, see Network Topology.

The same applies for the ports used. For more information, see Network Services.

Setting Up the SSL Protocol

To secure your communications with SSL, proceed as follows:

·        Activate the SAP J2EE Engine for SSL,

·        Prepate the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio for SSL, and

·        Set up an SSL connection from the DTR client in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to a DTR.

If you are working with development configurations, set up these development configurations for SSL.