Setting Up an SSL Connection to a DTR


To make the connection between a DTR and an SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio secure, you can set up SSL for this connection.


The SAP J2EE Engine of DTR has been configured for using SSL.


For each DTR connection, you can specify whether you want communication to run with SSL. When you work with development configurations, the DTR connections are also defined in these configurations. For more information, see Setting Up a Development Configuration for SSL.

You configure a DTR client with SSL in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio in a similar way to the configuration of a standard DTR client. The only difference is the choice of URL for the DTR.


       1.      Open the DTR Perspective and switch to the Repository Browser.

       2.      In the context menu of the root node, choose Create Client.

A dialog box appears.

       3.      Here, enter information about the DTR connection. In the DTR Server URL field, enter the URL of the repository to which you want to connect, for example https://<host>:<port>/dtr. Make sure that you use the protocol ID https and not http. This ID indicates a HTTP connection with SSL. The port for SSL connections for an SAP J2EE Engine instance is 5xx01, where xx is the instance number.

If you use a load balancer (such as the SAP Web Dispatcher) for a cluster installation of the SAP J2EE Engine, you must specify the load balancer’s port number for SSL here. (The default port for HTTPS is 443.)

       4.      Save your entries and then log on to the infrastructure.

Communications with this DTR are now encrypted.

You can operate both secure and non-secure connections to different servers in parallel. Note that average access times may increase due to the encryption and decryption of data.