Portal Roles

In the portal, roles are only indirectly linked to authorization. Portal roles group together the portal content required by users with a certain role in the company. In addition, the role structure defines the navigation structure that a user sees in the portal. Users and groups assigned to a role inherit the permissions of the role. By default this is end user permission.

For more information on the roles shipped with the portal, see Pre-configured Roles.

After installation the following pre-configured roles are assigned to the following standard users/groups:


Assigned to Users

Assigned to Groups

Super Administration


Standard User


Super Administration Role

The Super Administration role has access to all content and objects in the portal and these permissions cannot be deleted or modified. Because this role has such extensive permissions, we recommend not to use users assigned to this role for normal daily administration. We recommend that only one user account should be assigned to this role. All other administrator users should be assigned a subset of administrative tasks and these users should be used for daily administration. For more information on delegating administrative tasks to a number of users, see Super Administration and Delegated Administration.

Standard User Role

We recommend that after installation you assign the Standard User role to the default group Everyone. If this group does not have a role assigned to it, some users may not have a role assigned to them and, as a result, see a blank page when they log on to the portal.