Result List of My Release Notes


This list displays all of the Release Notes that match the defined search criteria.

The system displays the most important message data for each Release Note. Among other things, you can find out from this information whether the version in which the problem is solved is still being planned (Planned) or has already been delivered (Delivered), from the point of view of the specified Newer Version.

All Release Notes that the system finds are displayed in the result list, sorted by component. The system differentiates between Patch Information and Feature for each component.

For a particular component, the Release Notes for delivered versions are displayed first (first Features  and then Patch Information), and then the Release Notes for planned versions (first Features and then Patch Information).


If you want to modify the search for the displayed result list, choose Modify Search.

If you want to define a new search, choose New Search and follow the procedure described under Comparing Versions.