Overview of Options for the Program SDBUNINST

You can specify the following options when you use the program SDBUNINST to uninstall database software:




Uninstalls all software registered for MaxDB

-package <package_name>

Logical name of the software component (not file name) that you want to uninstall

-package_dir <package_directory>

Directory of the specified software component
Specify this information only if there are multiple software packages with the same name


As well as the specified software component, the system also uninstalls all dependent components.

-package ODBC –autoresolve

On Microsoft Windows, the component ODBC and its dependent component Web Tools are uninstalled.

-h | -help

List of options and descriptions

-v | -version

Version number of the uninstallation program SDBUNINST

-l | -list

Display all possible software components