, Starting the MAKE Operation


You never call VMAKE directly, but always with one of the following Perl scripts:

· (VMAKE-Version fast)

· (slow)

The selected script initializes a defined environment and then starts the VMAKE program and therefore the actual MAKE operation.


<script_name> [<option_list>][<vmake_option_list>] <target1>[//<ext_option1>] <target2>[//<ext_option2>]





Script name


The following options can be specified in the <option_list> option list:

·        --mail=<email_address>

An e-mail is sent to the <email_address> address at the end of the MAKE operation.

·        --force_run

Forces a MAKE operation also outside the MaxDB_DEV development area

·        --noquiet

All compiler and linker calls are displayed during the MAKE operation. To activate this option by default, define the NOQUIET environment variable.


[-<vmake_opt1>] [-<vmake_opt2>] [+e]

Options for Calling VMAKE


Target (of the software module to be created):

<source_spec> | <desc_spec>

You can specify all types of output files as the target that can be created during the whole software creation process. These can be individual object files, link descriptions, or output files of files that do not require translation.


Module File


Description file (link description and processing lists)

You can omit the file extension. VMAKE searches for files in the following sequence: .mac, .shm, .lnk, .dld, .shr, .rel, .lib, .jpr


These options correspond to the options for description files.

Use a slash / as the separator.


Create the Database Manager CLI software component using the VMAKE version slow: dbmcli.lnk

Create all software components using the VMAKE version fast: all