Setting Up a Master Instance (Hot Standby)

You can use the Database Manager GUI to set up the master instance of a hot standby system.


·        See Concepts of the Database System, System Requirements for a Hot Standby System

·        You are logged on to the database instance of the hot standby system on the virtual server.


In the Database Manager GUI, choose Instance ® Configuration ® Hot Standby.

Choose Next to start each of the required steps.


       1.      Choose Enable or Disable the Hot Standby System.

       2.      Choose Enable Hot Standby System.

       3.      For Virtual Server Name, enter the name that the system administrator has defined for the computer on which the master instance is located. See Concepts of the Database System, Architecture of a Hot Standby System

       4.      Under Storage DLL, enter the name of the library used to address the memory management system.

       5.      Choose Start.

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