Backing Up and Restoring Data with External Backup Programs


You can implement external backup tools to back up and restore MaxDB database systems. Data is transferred through named pipes, using the Database Manager.

There are two possible implementations:

·        The external backup tool is controlled by the DBM Server.

When data is backed up, the DBM Server initiates the data transfer from the database instance to one or more pipes, and calls the external backup tool to back up the data in the pipes. If the database system or the external backup tool causes an error, the DBM Server ends the data transfer and informs the data transfer partner.

When data is restored, the client queries the available backups from the external backup tool through the DBM Server. It then displays the result of this query to the user, and initiates and controls the transfer of the required backups from the external backup tool to the database through one or more pipes.

See also: Documentation Connecting External Backup Tools, section Block Diagram: Backup and Restore

·        The external backup tool uses the client application Database Manager CLI to control the database.