Case 3: Downgrade for Independent Software


Database instances exist that refer to a higher software version. You want to downgrade the software that is not used by the database instance, or whose version is not relevant for the database instance (Independent Software).






Uninstall at least the database kernel and the chosen software component(s) with the higher version.

sdbuninst –package "Database Kernel" [, <package_name2>…]


Install your chosen installation profile with the lower version (for OLTP database instances at least Server, for liveCache database instances at least APO liveCache).

If you are installing the software in SAP systems, read the important note below.

sdbinst –profile Server | "APO LiveCache" [, <inst_profile2>…]

If you want to use this procedure in SAP systems, do not accept the system defaults. Specify the following settings instead:


For target version 7.5.00 or higher: sdba

For all previous database versions: sapsys


For target version 7.5.00 or higher always: sdb

For all previous database versions

·        For OLTP database instances: sqdsid

·        For liveCache database instances: sidadm


UNIX/Linux: /sapdb/data

Microsoft Windows: <drive>:\sapdb\data


UNIX/Linux: /sapdb/programs

Microsoft Windows: <drive>:\sapdb\programs


UNIX/Linux: /sapdb/<SIS>/db

Microsoft Windows: <drive>:\sapdb\<SID>\db