Changing Backup Templates

You can make changes to a backup template. After it has been changed, the backup template is available for backup and recovery purposes in the Database Manager.


?     Database Manager GUI
Select the required database instance in the list of database instances.
Instance ® Backup ® Backup Medium.
Choose the backup template you want to use.

?     Backup Wizard
Select the desired backup template in the
Media for Backup window.


Changing the names of backup templates

       1.      Choose Actions  ® Rename and then carry out your changes.

       2.      Choose Enter to save your changes.

Changing the properties of backup templates

       3.      Choose Action ® Properties and carry out your changes.

       4.      You can find information on properties that can be changed in General and Extended in Backup Template for a Single Data Carrier and Backup Template for a Group of Parallel Data Carriers.

To display the backup ID, choose Label.

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