Configuration for the Event Dispatcher


Before you can start an event dispatcher, you must create the configuration file of the event dispatcher. In this file you define the way in which an event sent by the database system is to be handled.

The database system can only send those events which are always active, or those which you have set, and thus activated, in the Database Manager (see: Database Manager CLI, event_set).

You must also ensure that the database parameter for the maximum number of event tasks is configured big enough, since each event dispatcher requires a separate event task.

The DBM commands auto_extend and auto_update_statistics use an event dispatcher implicitly and each requires its own event task.


?     To configure an event dispatcher, you enter event definitions in the configuration file.

See the add command.

?     To specify the maximum number of event dispatchers for a database instance, configure the _MAXEVENTTASKS database parameter.

See Concepts of the Database System, Support Database Parameters.

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