Avg user cmd exec time for task

Avg user cmd exec time for task <task_ID>: <duration> ms,
<number_of> commands, application pid <pid>


The time needed by the specified user tasks to execute the statements is very high. You see the average execution time of a statement, the number of statements checked, and the process ID of the relevant application process.

Whether this counts as a bottleneck, depends on the application structure.

Mass statements in background processes can often cause long runtimes. As well as this, situations such as locks in SQL objects, physical reads and writes, or dispatching caused by the prioritization of other tasks, can cause internal kernel wait situations that increase runtimes.

If, in liveCache instances, a DB procedure takes a long time to execute, it is highly likely that other users are being blocked in the same liveCache thread. This can cause unexpectedly long runtimes for other transactions or DB procedures.