Example of an Include File


The following example shows how a module file vcn12.cpp from the $OWN/sys/src/cn directory depends on include files.

The dependencies for the module file are included in the compilation description $OWN/sys/desc/cn.com:

vcn12.cpp inc=gsp09.h,heo02.h,hcn13.h,hcn14.h,hcn90.h,...

This example only contains the keyword inc. The keyword inc refers to the required include files. The include files listed after the keyword inc are created by the development environment in include directory $OWN/wrk/incl before the module file is translated. In doing so, the development environment handles the include files according to their file type.

Only type h include files are shown in the example. Type h include files are copied from the relevant subdirectory under $OWN/sys/src to a subdirectory of the include directory. The name of this subdirectory is determined implicitly by the development environment from the name of the include file.