Automating Administration Tasks


You can automate both administration tasks that must be executed regularly and those that are executed as needed.


?     Special DBM commands

0     Automatic log backup


Database Manager GUI, Activating and Deactivating Automatic Log Backup

Database Manager CLI, autolog_on

0     Extending the data area automatically


Database Manager GUI, Switching on/off Automatic Extension of the Data Area

Database Manager CLI, auto_extend

0     Automatic updating of the SQL Optimizer statistics


Database Manager GUI, Updating Statistical Information

Database Manager CLI, auto_update_statistics

?     Automatic start

You can also configure the database instance so that it is automatically transferred to the ONLINE operational state when the operating system is started. See Automatic Start.

?     DBA planning calendar in CCMS

In SAP systems, you can automate regular administration tasks with the DBA Planning Calendar.

?     Scheduler

You can use the scheduler to schedule DBM commands to execute at defined points in time. To do so, you create each DBM command to be executed as a job in the scheduler. The scheduler must be active for jobs to be executed.

See Database Manager CLI, Using the Scheduler

?     Database events

You can define a database event for specific states of the database instance. When one of these states occurs, the event dispatcher executes a certain action, such as a DBM command or a command from another program.

See Overview of Database Event Categories, Event Dispatcher and Database Manager CLI, Using Database Events

?     Database triggers

You can use triggers to trigger actions in the database following certain data changes or a restart. See the SQL Reference Manual, Trigger Name (trigger_name)

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