Syntax Notation

The syntax notation used in the documentation is derived from the Backus Naur Form (BNF). The following conventions, among others, apply:

Syntax Element




Keywords are shown in uppercase letters for the sake of emphasis. If there is no specific reference to case-sensitivity in the documentation, you can write keywords in either upper- or lowercase letters.


Placeholders for syntax elements, such as variables

When you enter the variable, you do not enter the angle brackets.


Optional syntax element

syntax_element1 | syntax_element1

Alternative syntax elements (or)

syntax_element, ...

Syntax element can be repeated as often as required.

To make the documentation easier to use, the syntax is formatted as follows:



>dbmcli db_enum

Commands and SQL statements that users should enter


C:\Program Files\sdb\DEMODB

Output of the database system, the database tools or other programs

The command db_enum lists all database instances.

The documentation uses the demo database instance DEMODB.

Syntax elements and examples in continuous text


>sqlcli –d <database_name> –u <database_user>,<database_user_password> <sql_statement>

To illustrate commands and actions, the documentation uses the DEMODB demo database instance and the HOTEL schema sample data found there:

>sqlcli –d demodb -u mona,red SELECT * FROM

| ZIP   | NAME                 | STATE |

| ----- | -------------------- | ----- |

| 10019 | New York             | NY    |

| 10580 | New York             | NY    |

| 11788 | Long Island          | NY    |

| 12203 | Albany               | NY    |

| 20005 | Washington           | DC    |

| 20019 | Washington           | DC    |

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