You can use various traces to obtain detailed logs of the actions of the database system.

Performance can decline while a trace is being written. You should therefore switch off the trace as soon as the actions necessary for the analysis have been logged.

As long as a trace is being written, operate the database instance with the lowest possible load and execute only those actions that are necessary to reproduce the error.


File Name
(Default Value)

(Default value)


Activate trace


Run directory of the database instance:


Database trace

The system logs all messages from the kernel.

You can use the log file to identify errors, such as those that occur while processing SQL statements.

Switching on the database trace only has a negative effect on performance with liveCache database instances. This is not the case with MaxDB database instances.

Use the Database Manager database tool, or the CCMS in SAP systems.


- Database Manager GUI, Using the Database Trace

- Database Manager CLI, trace_on

- Database Administration in CCMS, Database Trace


Your choice

ODBC trace

The MaxDB ODBC driver logs all SQL statements that the application transmits to the database system.

This ODBC trace is not identical to the SQL.LOG trace that you can switch on and off in the ODBC Data Source Administrator (Microsoft Windows) in register tracing.

Specify the corresponding option for the data source.

See ODBC Manual, Properties of Database Parameters

Your choice

Your choice

JDBC trace

The MaxDB JDBC driver logs all JDBC API calls and their input parameters, return values and the corresponding thread.

Specify the corresponding option for establishing the connection.

See Java Manual, Method java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection and Class


<user_home>\Application Data\sdb
(Microsoft Windows)



The system can log SQL statements, communication packages, method calls and call parameters.

<pid>=  process ID

Use the sqldbc_cons database tool, or the CCMS in SAP systems.


- SQLDBC Manual, SQLDBC Traces

- Database Administration in CCMS, SQLDBC Trace

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