Entering Search Conditions


In the Visual Query dialog, you can enter search conditions when you formulate your database query.


When you created the Visual Query, you copied the table columns that your database query relates to into the area for defining the result.


In the relevant table column, enter your search condition in the Predicate field.
You can set parameters for the search condition.

If you specify a search condition for a column with the data type CHAR, VARCHAR, DATE or TIME, you must put the relational expression between single quotation marks.

You can formulate several search conditions with AND links or OR links. If you want to use one column several times to formulate search conditions, but only want to display it once, you can hide it in the result view.

·         To formulate several search conditions with AND links, enter these conditions in the same row.

·         To formulate several search conditions with OR links, enter each of these conditions in a new row.

For information on the syntax of search conditions and predicates, see the Search Condition and Predicate sections of the SQL Reference Manual.