Linking Table Columns with Joins


You can use the Visual Query dialog to link table columns with Joins in database queries.

For information on the syntax of Joins, see the JOIN predicate section of the SQL Reference Manual.


When you created the Visual Query, you copied the tables containing the columns you want to link together to the area for selecting tables.


1.       In the table selection, select the table column that you want to link, and choose the Drag&Drop function to link it to the relevant column in the other table. The system displays a connecting line between the two table columns.

2.       To specify the Join in more detail, select it, and choose Show Join Definition in the context menu. The system opens a window for the Join definition. Select the Join type and relational operator, and choose OK.

3.       To delete a Join, select it and choose Delete Join in the context menu.

If you copy the same table to the table selection twice, SQL Studio assigns an alias name. In this way, you can create SELF JOINS.