Catalog Manager

Catalog Manager is located on the left-hand area of the SQL Studio window. It displays all the directories and database objects for which you have at least read access.

SQL Studio Objects

Stored SQL statements and draft database tables


Database and system tables, view tables, and synonyms arranged according to user


Indexes that have been created for tables, arranged according to table and owner

Number series

Generated number series, arranged by owner


All users for which the user who is logged on to the database has owner rights

Database procedures

Database procedures that the user created in the database


Triggers that the user created in the database

If you want Catalog Manager to show you certain objects only, specify a filter for the object names. Enter the first few letters of the name that you want to use as a filter, and choose Catalog Manager ® Refresh. However, the filter does not apply to your saved SQL statements and drafts.

To show or hide Catalog Manager, choose View ® Catalog Manager.