Function Check


You can check the function of the DBMCLI program by executing a DBM command (see Database Manager CLI, Overview of all DBM Commands).


·        Creating DBMCLI

·        You have, for example, already created a database instance using the unchanged version of the MaxDB software.



       1.      Check whether you are actually accessing the software component you have just created, the DBMCLI program ($OWN/usr/bin/dbmcli, Microsoft Windows: $OWN\usr\pgm\dbmcli.exe).

       2.      Enter the dbm command for displaying the Database Manager version:

dbmcli [-n <server_node>] -d <database_name> -u <dbm_userid>,<dbm_password> dbm_version

dbmcli -d DEMODB -u dbm,dbm dbm_version


VERSION    = 7.3.4

BUILD      = DBMServer 7.3.4    Build 009-000-220-192

OS         = UNIX

INSTROOT   = /usr/sapdb-srv

LOGON      = False

CODE       = ASCII

SWAP       = full