Defining a Backup Template for Log Backup to a File


You log on to the Database Manager CLI as a DBM operator, connect to the database instance for which the backup template is to be created and define a backup template of type File for the log backup.

You can use the backup template for automatic as well as for interactive log backup. It is immaterial whether you have defined LOG or AUTO as the backup type. The database system processes automatic and interactive log backups in exactly the same way both for backing up and restoring.

You can choose where you want to store this file in the system. If you enter a relative path, it is interpreted as relative to the working directory of the database instance. The specified directory must already exist. If you enter a path that includes blank characters, these must be written in quotation marks in the DBM command. The leading quotation mark must be preceded by a backslash (\).

The Database Manager stores the backup template internally. Only when the backup template is used for a backup does the file that contains the backup become visible in the system.

The system numbers the files sequentially if they are used for a log backup. So after backing up the log area using the backup template <file_name>, you will only find one or several file(s) with the file name <file_name>.<running_number> on your hard disk.

To read the prerequisites, see Database Manager CLI, medium_put

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You want to define a backup template with the following properties for log backup to a file:

Backup Template Name: DemoFileLog
Data carrier (device/file):Backups 2005\Data\logBackup
Type: FILE
Backup type: automatic log backup (
Size restriction: none (


Call the Database Manager CLI, log on as DBM operator OLEG with password MONDAY, connect to the database instance DEMODB and create a backup template with the properties listed in the scenario:

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB medium_put DemoFileLog "Backups 2005\Data\logBackup" FILE AUTO 0



You have created the backup template DemoFileLog for the database instance DEMODB.

If you have already made a complete backup of DEMODB, you can now execute a log backup to a file or activate automatic log backup.

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