Unpacking the Module Files


VMAKE uses the options in the compilation descriptions to determine where to unpack the module files.

The following additional steps can be carried out:

·        Remove parts of the frame that are not relevant for translation: Module files that have to be unpacked have a text frame that contains the following information:

Ў        Name of the module

Ў        Module specification

Ў        Author, version, release

Ў        Exported interface

Ў        Imported interface

Ў        Source code

Ў        Control characters

Since some of the text frame does not have to be translated, those parts of the frame that are not relevant for translation are removed when the file is unpacked.

·        Conditional compilation: VMAKE hides those parts of the source code that are not required under the current conditions, such as unnecessary network connections. The system copies the include files that are to be used to the start of the module file that is awaiting translation.