SQL Studio (GUI)


You can use the SQL Studio database tool to access the data in database instances using SQL statements.

SQL Studio has a graphical user interface and you can use this tool in Windows only. However you can use SQL Studio to access a remote computer running a different operating system.

Implementation Considerations

The SQL Studio is a component of the MaxDB software. For information on where to obtain MaxDB software and how to install it, see the Download section and the Installation Manual.

For more information on the database system, see Concepts of the Database System and for more information on SQL syntax, see SQL Tutorial and the SQL Reference Manual. For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Glossary.


SQL Studio provides the following functions:

Creating and managing database tables, indexes, and sequences, and managing stored SQL statements, database users, and database procedures with Catalog Manager

Creating and executing SQL statements in the SQL dialog

Selecting and editing data records as forms with the Form dialog

Formulating database queries with the help of visual tools in the Visual Query dialog

The SQLCLI and Web SQL Studio database tools have similar features to SQL Studio but with a different user interface.