Developing Database Applications


Most applications use a database to store and manage data. There are a number of MaxDB interfaces for different programming languages; you can use these to bind a database application to a MaxDB database instance. Some of these interfaces can be used to access Database Manager and Loader functions as well.

See Interfaces.


You have created a database instance (see Creating and Configuring a Database Instance).

Process Flow


       1.      You design your data model.

       2.      Using SQL, you define the corresponding tables, indexes etc., in the database.

To store the data physically and access it later, the database system uses special internal structures. See Logical Access Structures

       3.      You select the interface through which your database application is to access the database instance.

       4.      You bind the database application to the database instance using the selected interface.


Users of the database application can query and change data.

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For information about how you can further develop the MaxDB software, see Open Source Development of the Database Software; and in the documentation, see Development Environment.