From -8000 to -9799

Database Kernel Error Messages


SERVERDB must be restarted


User must be connected


User already connected to this user task


Log and data must be compatible


Constant must be compatible with column type and length


Value expression must be parameter name


Data types must be compatible


Column must be key column


DEFAULT value must be in constraint specification


Table name must be in from list


Order column must be output column


Result table must be FOR REUSE


Table must be a base table


Table must be a view table


Column must be group column


Index name must be unique


Next volume required


Column must have DEFAULT specification


User already connected


COSTLIMIT must be greater than COSTWARNING




Table must be temp table


Connect disabled for this user


UNION columns must be compatible


Column must be indexed


Owner must be specified


Incomplete log segment


Order column must be number


Foreign key must exist


DB procedure must be recompiled


Key does not exist


Conversion for character set value impossible


Conversion to UNICODE impossible


Conversion from UNICODE impossible


Password required


Version of component must be compatible with kernel version


Migration error


No snapshot available


Trigger dropped during migration; check view migrationerrorprotocol


Software version is too old for version of persistent data


SERVERDB not accessible


System error: Not yet implemented

-9001 to -9799

System error