From -1000 to -1999

Database Kernel Error Messages


Too many lock requests


Too many lock objects specified


Too many columns


Too many buffers requested


Too many correlated columns


Too many monadic operators


Too many variables


Parameter list too long


Too many or too few host variables for output


Too many named indexes for this table


Too many volumes


Too many correlated tables


Too many referential constraint definitions for this table


Too many order columns


Too many source tables


Too many values


Too many joins


Too many nested subtransactions


Too many asynchron requests


Too many differences between old and new view definition


Too complicated SQL statement (Too many Subqueries)


Too complicated SQL statement


Too complicated SQL statement (KB-stack overflow)


Too complicated SQL statement (Too much data)


Too complicated SQL statement (Too much strategy data)


Too complicated SQL statement (Too many internal commands)


Too complicated SQL statement (Correlated row too long)


View definition too long


Too many savepoints


Constraint too complicated


Too many nested function calls


Communication packet too small


Too many intern columns


Too long trigger parameters


Too complicated trigger qualification


Too many constraints for this table


Too many statements in definition


Too few values


Too few columns


Input parameter cannot be NULL value


Integrity violation


Row not found


Missing indicator variable, output parameter


Output value truncated


Duplicate secondary key


Data space full


SQL statement will drop further objects (use CASCADE)