Creating, Displaying, Changing and Deleting Mapchar Sets

You can use the Database Manager GUI to create, display, change and delete Mapchar Sets.


The database instance is in the ONLINE operational state.



Select the required database instance in the list of database instances.

Select Instance ® Configuration ® Mapchar Sets.

You are shown the mapchar sets which are already available.

Creating Mapchar sets

       1.      Choose Actions ®New.

       2.      Enter the following information:


Name of MapChar set (name must not be more than 18 bytes long)

Code type

The code on which the MapChar set is based.



Define the conversions for the characters required. Each one-byte (ASCII) or two-byte (UNICODE) character to be converted must first be specified in its original form and then in the target form with a maximum length of two bytes (ASCII) or four bytes (UNICODE).

Intern: Original form in hexadecimal format
Extern Hex: Target form in hexadecimal format
Ext. ASCII: Target form in printable characters  (not possible for UNICODE)

       3.      Save your changes.

Changing MapChar set

       4.      Select the MapChar set you require.

       5.      Choose Actions ® Properties.

       6.      Make the desired changes.

       7.      Save your changes.

Deleting MapChar set

       8.      Select the MapChar set you require.

       9.      Choose Actions ® Delete.

   10.      Confirm you want to delete the Mapchar set.