For an overview of common errors, see Typical Error Situations.

The following aids, among others, are available for troubleshooting:

·        Message Manual

This documentation explains (error and information) messages from the database system and recommends how you can react to them. The messages are sorted by error number.

·        Database tools:

Ў        Database Manager GUI, Diagnosis Options

Ў        Database Manager CLI, Analyzing the Database Instance

Ў        Database Analyzer (analyzing performance)

Ў        XCONS (displaying information about the database instance)

·        Log Files

·        Traces

·        Checking Database Structures

In SAP systems, use the CCMS; see:

·        Database Administration in CCMS: MaxDB, Problem Analysis

·        Database Administration in CCMS: SAP liveCache Technology, Problem Analysis

Open source users have the following additional options:

·        Searching the archive of the MaxDB mailing list:

·        Tracking Problem Messages with WebPTS

See also: