From -10000 to -10999

SQLDBC Interface Error Messages


System error: <description>


Feature not supported for kernel version <version>


Invalid value for option <option> of SQLDBC_ConnectProperties


Invalid value for ISOLATIONLEVEL (<description>)


Invalid value for PACKETCOUNT (<description>)


Invalid value for STATEMENTCACHESIZE (<description>)


Invalid value for KEY


Function sequence error (data for execution expected)


Function sequence error (no data for execution expected)


Function sequence error (operation was aborted by disconnect)


Invalid command state (no prepared SQL command)


Calling addBatch is not allowed for PreparedStatement / Calling clearBatch is not allowed for PreparedStatement


Command info too long


Invalid parameter index [<number>]


Invalid host type (<name>) for parameter (<number>)


Parameter/Column (<number>) not bound


Parameter <number> contains null pointer


Negative buffer length for parameter (<number>) used


Invalid length or indicator value for parameter (<number>)


Non-character and non-binary data for parameter (<number>) for piecewise insert not allowed


Invalid column index (<number>)


Attempt to concatenate to a NULL or DEFAULT value for parameter (<number>)


Requested parameter (<number>) was already processed


Invalid parameter processing sequence, process non-LONG data before parameter (<number>)


Invalid start position (<number>)


DATA AT EXECUTE for parameter (<number>) not allowed (conflicts with use of LOB parameter)


LOB type for parameter (<number>) not allowed (conflicts with use of DATA AT EXECUTE parameter)


Invalid LOB object


Could not read/write LOB for parameter/column (<number>)


LOB already closed for parameter/column (<number>)


LOB invalidated by a previous error for parameter/column (<number>)


Could not insert LOB. Parameter/column (<number>) has a NULL/DEFAULT value


Non-character and non-binary data for parameter/column (<number>) was tried to read piecewise


Stream with id (<number>) not found


Stream parameter (<number>) is not an input/output parameter


No data found for stream (<number>)


Invalid use of null pointer in stream parameter field of stream descriptor for parameter (<number>)


Mismatch of number of stream members for parameter (<number>) (application <count1>, database <count2>)


Invalid serial value requested, must be first or last value


Multiple stream output sequence error


Input stream callback buffer overflow for table id (<number>) , allowed <count1> bytes, written <count2> bytes


No callback function supplied for stream parameter (<number>)


Conversion looses significant digits for parameter/column (<number>)


Conversion of parameter/column (<number>) would truncate data


Conversion not supported for parameter/column (<number>)


Cannot convert UCS2 data to ASCII


Invalid data length for UCS2 data for parameter/column (<number>)


Corrupted UTF8 data for parameter/column (<number>)


Character conversion failed


Date/Time format is not supported for parameter/column (<number>)


Illegal DATE value for parameter/column (<number>)


Illegal TIME value for parameter/column (<number>)


Illegal TIMESTAMP value for parameter/column (<number>)


Conversion from binary value to string is not supported for parameter/column (<number>)


Result set is closed


Invalid position in result set: before first row


Invalid position in result set: after last row


The operation is not allowed for result set type FORWARD_ONLY


Invalid position (<row_number>) for row set


Result set type is UPDATABLE but row set type is READ_ONLY


Result set type is READ_ONLY but row set type is UPDATABLE


Internal error: No metadata available for row set operation


Invalid encoding of column name for column (<number>) for row set operation


The statement was not executed with updatable cursor concurrency


SQL command is the empty string


SQL command contains UNICODE character


SQL command would generate a result set


SQL command contains output parameters


Illegal schema modification, parameters/columns have changed type/number incompatibly


Statement too long


Connection failed (<description>)


Missing user name for connection | Missing password for connection


XUSER error (<description>)


Invalid numeric value for parameter/column (<number>)


Allocation of shared memory failed (<description>)


Connection down: [<description>]


Feature <feature> not implemented yet in module: <module> line: <line_number>


Session already in use


Numeric overflow for parameter/column (<number>)


Session not connected


Invalid row array size 0


Missing database name for connection


Invalid use of null pointer for stream handle in parameter (<number>)


Stream parameter (<number>) error in read|write procedure


Unknown error


No space left in request packet


Invalid request packet structure


Internal Error: LONGDATA part expected


Internal error: Expected result count


Invalid reply packet structure


Internal Error: Entry for valindex (<number>) not found


Internal Error: Long descriptor has error flag set