Concepts of the Database System


This document describes the MaxDB software and the SAP liveCache technology.

MaxDB is a relational database system with which you can create, use and manage MaxDB database instances.

Die SAP liveCache technology is an object-based enhancement of the MaxDB database system. You can use SAP liveCache technology either as a normal relational database system, or as a main memory-based special database system.

Unless states otherwise, the description of the MaxDB database system in this documentation also applies to SAP liveCache technology.

You can use the MaxDB software and the SAP liveCache technology on many different operating systems (see Supported Operating Systems and Platforms).


For information on where to get the database software and how to install it, see the Software Information and Download sections; see also the Installation Manual.

This documentation describes the basic concepts of the database system and contains references to the documentation for the database tools and interfaces, where the exact procedures are described. The SQL Tutorial provides an introduction to the SQL syntax of the database system.

For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Glossary.

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