RPAD(x,a,y,n) is a string function that inserts the character string y (string literal) at the end of the character string x (string specification) as often as specified by the expression a. Only expressions that have an alphanumeric value as a result are allowed as a string specification (string spec). The result of the expression a must be a positive integer.

Leading and subsequent blanks in the character string x are truncated.

The optional parameter n (unsigned integer) defines the maximal total length of the character string created. n must be greater than or equal to the total LENGTH(x)+a*LENGTH(y).

Result of the RPAD(x,a,y,n) Function

x must identify a CHAR or VARCHAR column.

The maximum length of the character string is the length of the character string x.

x or a is the NULL value

NULL Value

a is the special NULL value

Error message

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