Backing Up Data


The database system stores the data in the database in the data area. If the data area has been damaged, for example due to a hard disk error, you need data backups to restore the database instance. Therefore, you should regularly back up your data on data carriers.

In addition to the data backups, you may need backed-up log entries to restore the database instance to the desired state following damage to the data area (see Backing Up Log Entries).

Backup Types



Complete data backup

You back up the entire data area.

Incremental data backup

You back up all data in the data area that has been changed since the last complete backup.


You cannot start an incremental data backup during a complete data backup, and vice versa.

?      You have defined a backup template (see Backup Templates and Data Carriers).

?      Only for Microsoft Windows: if you want to backup to a data carrier on a remote computer, carry out the steps described in Backing Up and Restoring Data with Remote Computers.


To back up data, use the Database Manager database tool, or the CCMS in SAP systems. See


Database Manager GUI, Backup Wizard

Database Manager CLI, backup_start

Database Management in CCMS, Scheduling a Data Backup

These tools can use various types of data carriers and various backup tools, including backup tools from other providers; see Using Backup Tools from Other Providers.

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