Upgrading Database Instances and Their Server Software

Implementation Considerations

When you upgrade database instances to higher versions, you are updating their server software at the same time. In the following section, this procedure is known as an upgrade.

The strategy you choose depends on the database instance type and on the source and target versions. Corresponding matrices are available to help you choose a suitable upgrade strategy.

Each time you upgrade database instances, we recommend you take precautions to avoid errors. Make sure you have made complete backups of all data in the relevant database instances, and that you also have the database software of the source version. Only this way can you immediately revert to the source version and avoid long periods of system downtime.

Before you start, make sure that you have taken precautions against the most common errors that cause an upgrade to crash.

Whenever possible, use the SDBUPD program to perform the upgrade. This program gives you comprehensive support for a smooth upgrade without problems. However, you can only use it if certain prerequisites are met. If this is not the case, you have to use a different upgrade strategy.

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Prerequisites for Using SDBUPD

SAP customers can use the SDBUPD program for upgrading database instances in SAP systems. The SDBUPD program carries out all required checks during the upgrade process.

You can also use this program to upgrade database instances that are not part of an SAP system. To do this, however, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

?     The SDBINST program must have been used to install the existing software.

?     Each of the existing database instances must refer to a separate software installation.