You call the Database Analyzer program in the Database Manager. The Database Manager implicitly transfers all data from the database system administrator to the Database Analyzer.

When you use the command to call the Database Analyzer, you can also specify options for this program.

If the Database Analyzer is already active, only its status is displayed.

See also:

Database Analyzer


You have the DBInfoRead server authorization.


dban_start [<option_list>]

<option_list> : = <option> | <option> <option> …


Option for calling the Database Analyzer (see: Database Analyzer, Options)


You receive the Database Analyzer output.


Call the Database Manager CLI in session mode, log on as operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database instance DEMODB, call the Database Analyzer.

Change the time interval between two analyses to 300 seconds and limit the number of analyses to 4:

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB dban_start –t 300,4


0,OK: everything works fine

0,"c:\program files\sdb\programs\bin\dbanalyzer" -d DEMODB -u *,* -state

MaxDB Database Analyzer, The Performance Analysis Tool, Version

Copyright 2000-2005 by SAP AG


Used protocol directory: c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\sdb\data\wrk\DEMODB\analyzer


INFO 13: Database Analyzer active in directory "c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\sdb\data\wrk\DEMODB\analyzer".


Database          = DEMODB

Node              =

Rundirectory      = c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\sdb\data\wrk\DEMODB

Configfile        = c:\program files\sdb\programs\env\dbanalyzer76.cfg

Protocoldirectory = c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\sdb\data\wrk\DEMODB\analyzer

Interval          = 300

Reconnect         = false

ProcessID         = 4180

SessionID         = 404

Driver            = MaxDB

Started           = 2006-03-30 09:54:50