The Loader enables the Export from a MaxDB database instance to the file system or the Import of  application data from the file system to a MaxDB database instance.

Because the Loader supports a great number of file formats it can often be used to import and export data instead of special application programs. Due to its specialization on MaxDB database instances the Loader offers maximum performance.

Furthermore, the Loader supports the direct transport of data from one database instance to another, which runs on a different hardware structure or a different operating system.

Optionally you can transport the entire data of a database instance, of a certain database user, the individual tables of a special database schema or only a number of qualified columns. Besides files, pipes and back-up tools by other providers are also supported as transport media.

The Loader is a command line tool and can be used on all operating systems supported by the database system.

Implementation Considerations

The Loader is a component of the MaxDB software. For information on where to obtain MaxDB software and how to install it, see the Download section and the Installation Manual.

For more information about the database system, see Concepts of the Database System. For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Glossary.



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