You use the AUTOCOMMIT command for setting up a database session to activate/deactivate AUTOCOMMIT mode for a database session.


<autocommit_command> :: = AUTOCOMMIT ON | AUTOCOMMIT OFF


If this command is not used, the Loader implicitly works with AUTOCOMMIT mode switched on.


The AUTOCOMMIT mode is activated (Loader default value).

With commands for importing data, a COMMIT is used to complete the insertion of a certain number of data records. The user can determine this number using the SET TRANSACTION SIZE command. This mode is not relevant when data is exported, since the table contents in the database are not modified.

If you execute COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements when AUTOCOMMIT mode is activated, the Loader ignores these statements.

The Loader terminates each SQL statement implicitly with a COMMIT.


AUTOCOMMIT mode is deactivated.

All transactions must be terminated explicitly using a COMMIT.

You can group commands in units so that they can be completed or reset together.

This mode is not valid for commands that are not processed as part of the transaction concept of the database and are always implicitly completed with COMMIT.

Large transactions (such as those involving a large number of data records to be loaded) require a correspondingly large log area.

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